Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recruited Emilia The Sage

Before going to sleep last night, one of the last few Alphabet Boxes we opened gave us a letter that allowed us to gain our 15th Diamond Token.  This was enough to purchase one of the UPCs from the Diamond Token shop and we chose Emilia The Sage (ETS) as she was popular a few years ago.
Misunderstandings indeed
ETS has a different profile picture than the normal Emilia but what we found interesting was that the "Misunderstanding and the Truth" buff activated.  It's not surprising as they are different people after all.

From the start of the event through the end of yesterday, we managed to complete 16 words.  It took us approximately 97 hours as indicated by the usage of 97 Pet Food.  We had considered the various rewards and our opinions of the ones from the Diamond Token shop are currently as follows:

  • Black Dragon Pet - We're not big pet users and we didn't actually know what the Dragon Pet does other than enhancing combat ability.
  • UPCs - ETS interested us as did Idge.  Maybe we'll go for Idge next.  We already have Adelina The Pirate and found her to be enjoyable but we don't need another.
  • Ralph - His unique stance doesn't seem to be available and hence dissuaded us.
  • Asoka - We considered it but decided not to have a second one.
  • Weapons - Those 33AR weapons looked tempting but enchanting them and upgrading them is an expensive gamble.
  • Punisher Manual - One of the people we talked to made a good case in regards to saving for this as this book is pretty difficult to get.  However, this book is only useful to us if we had the character to use it.  Unfortunately, we're not near his point in the questline don't foresee being near anytime in the future.
  • Sage Necklace - We still have one of these in our warehouse from years back.  As they're not stackable, it would only be a waste of space for us.

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Anonymous said...

You will regret in the future that you didn't get the punisher. I'm from sGE and just a normal family as well. Lionel is not too hard to obtain and having him woulld be the best investment. (; anyways, enjoy!