Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teasing Cruz

Tonight, we saw a MrWhite Xel'Naga teasing Cruz in Reboldeaux.  That by itself isn't strange as we were tempted to do the same ourselves but what was noticeable was that he had been doing it for maybe at least 2 hours (as timed by the recent Gigante Beach buff).

We picked up very few Alphabet Boxes this weekend due to leveling our Amelia (Emilia The Sage).  Since she started at level 40, we trained her at Dr. Torsche's front lawn until she was about 48.  Then we headed inside his mansion for awhile because deciding to visit Rion Hollows.  That place was the most crowded we've ever seen it in recent history.  Every room and hallway intersection were occupied with at least one family and occasionally, there was a Bog Angler.  We managed to level Amelia to the mid 70s there before bringing her to Skeleton Dungeon.  There, we leveled her to level 100 and promoted her.

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