Sunday, November 25, 2012

New weapons

Last night, we received the following weapons as gifts.
Angel Rizoel's Rod - This thing has the brightest glow we've ever seen.
Dragon's Fury Rifle - It's very ornate

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prizes from Alphabet event

From the last entry through yesterday, we managed to obtain the following items as prizes (either through Boxes or tokens).
Dragon's Fury Crossbow (32AR)
Dragon's Fury Sword (32AR)
and finally, we traded in our 50 Diamond Tokens for the Punisher Manual since a few people highly recommended it.  We don't have a Lionel to use it though as the Red Hair Fighter has stopped us in our tracks back at the Red Sunset Forest.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Viron Clock Tower

This morning, we visited the Viron Clock Tower for the first time.  It was part of a non-combat mission so there was no fighting involved.  As such, we got to walk around and inspect various items.

Our first Angel weapon

Tonight, we found our first Angel weapon.  It is the Angel Camael's Crossbow and it came from one of the Raiden's Boxes that we received for turning in single letters.  Unfortunately, it started out as blank so we spent 1 Veteran Enchantment Chip on it to see what would happen.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tonight, we ventured into the Red Sunset Forest, located just outside of Viron.
We went along the empty path until we saw Raven at a distance.  Approaching him, we were attacked by a Red Haired Fighter.  She knocked out our Asoka easily with her special attack but our Soso and Adelina managed to hold her off until Raven arrived.
We didn't like his pretty boy looks.
Still, he claimed that he knew Garcia so we called Garcia from our quarters to verify his identity.  Apparently, Raven had a cursed mark on his arm due to Montaro.  We visited Lionel for help and he pointed us to Veronif.
Veronif wouldn't give us the time of day until we brought back a Garas' Heart.  The people here in Viron really seemed to like internal organs and body parts.
After more body parts, Veronif grew to like us and gave us ointment for Raven.
We even had some extra body parts of Genia the Alchemist, who was standing just around the corner.
So with the ointment, Raven joined our family.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Continuing the quests

Tonight, we continued the Viron quest line which involved a lot of running around town.
Eventually, we fought the easiest level 120 hoodlums ever.
We also visited the Oculta dungeon in order to find the missing sheet music to complete the Prelude quest.  We noticed that the dungeon no longer required runes to enter and the kobolds inside seemed a bit easier too (or maybe because our equipment was better).

As all the players know by now, our version of the game is ending.  Our server Bristia will be gone within 2 months.  Therefore, we started using up our Gold supply by purchasing awakening scrolls.  Last night, we awakened Vincent and our wizard to Expert.  After we finish promoting and awakening a few others, we'll probably spend the rest on Great Stones and Quarter Slots.