Friday, November 2, 2012

Continuing the quests

Tonight, we continued the Viron quest line which involved a lot of running around town.
Eventually, we fought the easiest level 120 hoodlums ever.
We also visited the Oculta dungeon in order to find the missing sheet music to complete the Prelude quest.  We noticed that the dungeon no longer required runes to enter and the kobolds inside seemed a bit easier too (or maybe because our equipment was better).

As all the players know by now, our version of the game is ending.  Our server Bristia will be gone within 2 months.  Therefore, we started using up our Gold supply by purchasing awakening scrolls.  Last night, we awakened Vincent and our wizard to Expert.  After we finish promoting and awakening a few others, we'll probably spend the rest on Great Stones and Quarter Slots.

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