Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tonight, we ventured into the Red Sunset Forest, located just outside of Viron.
We went along the empty path until we saw Raven at a distance.  Approaching him, we were attacked by a Red Haired Fighter.  She knocked out our Asoka easily with her special attack but our Soso and Adelina managed to hold her off until Raven arrived.
We didn't like his pretty boy looks.
Still, he claimed that he knew Garcia so we called Garcia from our quarters to verify his identity.  Apparently, Raven had a cursed mark on his arm due to Montaro.  We visited Lionel for help and he pointed us to Veronif.
Veronif wouldn't give us the time of day until we brought back a Garas' Heart.  The people here in Viron really seemed to like internal organs and body parts.
After more body parts, Veronif grew to like us and gave us ointment for Raven.
We even had some extra body parts of Genia the Alchemist, who was standing just around the corner.
So with the ointment, Raven joined our family.

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