Sunday, January 27, 2013


 After recruiting Natalie, recruiting Daria was pretty straightforward.  Daria wanted 10 Wheels of Time and as we haven't progressed far enough to enter the clock tower without Elemental Jewels, we simply brought the wheels off the market for 2.5 million each.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Several nights ago, we started on Natalie's recruitment quest.  We were a bit more than one third through collecting the Wolf Meat / Beet / Cabbage when we got tired of farming Katovic and decided to just purchase the ingredients instead.
Think you meant honey rather than money.

We're all pretty annoyed at collecting ingredients.

We heard that Natalie is pretty good at the Flintlock stance so we may be looking forward to that in the future.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Today, we managed to recruit Veronif with the help of 2 companions.  We brought the Black Magic Stones from the market and spent soem time completing the 3 Bounty Hunter Missions.  By ourselves, we would have had great trouble with them, especially the one involving the Ice Tower.  As for the Wheel of Time pieces, a friend had some spares.

We're pleasantly surprised by the drops from the roulette of the Bounty Hunter missions.  Among other things, we received a few steel elite level 92 weapons and we think the 2 LeNoir (Scout) armors also came from there.

Currently, we were running through the Torsche Mansion, completing tasks for Marie.  The Annex of that place has changed since the last time we visited.  It is no longer a Forgotten Area and the robots there are different (no longer just another shade).  There are also much harder too even though they seem to be only level 105.

Funny faces of Marie Dupelecy

 We visited the Torsche Mansion today and found a new maid in the Laboratory.

At first, she seemed nice but under that pretty face lies a violent personality.

Continuing Beatrice's quest

We continued with Beatrice's quest today.  After a few short scenes, she joined our family.
It's almost like blackmail.
We also took Andre to Viron and had a chat with a weird looking character named Vincent.  Unlike the musician Vincent of Auch, this one was really creepy.
Could we say no?
We tried both Beatrice and Vincent in combat.  Beatrice only had 2 stances and her pre-Veteran stance (Lightning Possession) was quickly mastered.  Unfortunately, Vincent doesn't seem to be able to automatically heal even though he has the medic stance.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starting Beatrice's quests

Last night, we spoke with M'Boma and started on a quest involving his sister, Beatrice.
This might be the first mission for us to be sensed.
She's affectionate towards her younger brother.
After the scene, Beatrice sent us to retrieve 2 Time Pieces from the Time Paradox device.  Fortunately, at that moment, we saw Brimestone advertising on world chat about it and joined their 2 squads.
Time Piece: Nephtys
Time Piece: Cortes
We used about 6 Soul Crystals through the entire 2 missions.  It wasn't because we managed to survive well but mostly because was were unable to activate it due to all the activity going on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stepping outside

Tonight, we logged in and actually played for awhile.  Everything was similar but yet foreign that it's disconcerting.  For example, our family members now spoke a different language except when they were using skills.  Gone were the familiar voices and names.

We attended a mission of Joaquin Siege, Rhapsody of Dead Man, Room of the Dead, and something with Greed in it.  In the Rhapsody of Dead Man, one of our squad members received Montaro's Rings from the roulette.

It'll take awhile for us to adjust to this new environment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The journey continues...

Our first photo in the new server Castilla
The Bristia is gone and we have transitioned to the Castilla server of T3Fun.  The transfer process was pretty smooth and we were able to log in tonight.  We added our first friend from the old server as we saw him broadcasting.  We didn't have time to step away from Leonardo though as it was getting late.  Chatting with Leonardo, we received a few premium items.  Checking through our inventory, we found a few costumes that we didn't know that we had before, such as a Christmas weapons costume and 3 Christmas rocket back costumes.

Hmm... just discovered that almost all equipment that has not been equipped by a character had their enchantments erased.  This includes almost everything in inventory (2 of my items managed to survive) and probably everything in the warehouse.