Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The journey continues...

Our first photo in the new server Castilla
The Bristia is gone and we have transitioned to the Castilla server of T3Fun.  The transfer process was pretty smooth and we were able to log in tonight.  We added our first friend from the old server as we saw him broadcasting.  We didn't have time to step away from Leonardo though as it was getting late.  Chatting with Leonardo, we received a few premium items.  Checking through our inventory, we found a few costumes that we didn't know that we had before, such as a Christmas weapons costume and 3 Christmas rocket back costumes.

Hmm... just discovered that almost all equipment that has not been equipped by a character had their enchantments erased.  This includes almost everything in inventory (2 of my items managed to survive) and probably everything in the warehouse.

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