Monday, January 21, 2013


Today, we managed to recruit Veronif with the help of 2 companions.  We brought the Black Magic Stones from the market and spent soem time completing the 3 Bounty Hunter Missions.  By ourselves, we would have had great trouble with them, especially the one involving the Ice Tower.  As for the Wheel of Time pieces, a friend had some spares.

We're pleasantly surprised by the drops from the roulette of the Bounty Hunter missions.  Among other things, we received a few steel elite level 92 weapons and we think the 2 LeNoir (Scout) armors also came from there.

Currently, we were running through the Torsche Mansion, completing tasks for Marie.  The Annex of that place has changed since the last time we visited.  It is no longer a Forgotten Area and the robots there are different (no longer just another shade).  There are also much harder too even though they seem to be only level 105.

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