Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today, we managed to obtain Ralph from the Playtime event.  We'll most likely continue with the event as the experience cards and the training cards are still good to get.


Anonymous said...

ken!! where r u;0

WW said...

I am still on business travel and haven't brought my personal laptop. The Wi-Fi connection at the hotels is too poor to play anyway.

Went to Hawaii in Feb and am currently in Virginia for awhile.

How are things over there?

Anonymous said...

oo ok ken;p;] nice its fine;p they opend a new world and some new characters and stuff too much stuff prices r shooting down and everyones poor;p

Verai said...

Just found this a few days ago and managed to read all the way through.

I like what you're doing here as I got a few tips just from reading it.

Hope to catch a glance of you in game sometime.