Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family updates

It's been awhile since the last entry and that is because we've been busy in reality.  We saw that the game undergone at least one major update during that time with new characters and even a new town somewhere. We still don't have time to actively play but at least we can stay logged in to accumulate points for the latest event.

So what have we been doing in real life (translated using in-game terms to keep the reader guessing)?

  1. Shortly after the last entry, we went on our honeymoon at a tropical island paradise.  We actually visited 2 islands with the 1st reminding us of Gigante Island and the 2nd reminding us of the Isle of Fire due to the volcano.  The week we spent at this place was excellent as expected and we saw quite a few pretty sights.
  2. After the honeymoon, we came home for a few days to repack and get ready for a long business trip. We actually logged for a few minutes to signal that we haven't given up on the game.
  3. The first part of the trip had us visiting our nation's capital.  We spent a week working in the deep underground of a labyrinth.  If not for the daily escort, we would have gotten lost as there is no clear path between one point to another.  It reminds of me a dungeon since we would enter on the first floor past the multiple gate keepers, head up to the second floor, go through many corridors and turns, before going down a few levels to our destination.  Along the way were many treasures of various sorts and I was tempted to get a few shiny coins or maybe a dagger.
  4. The second part of the trip had us visiting a something akin to Castilla Base Camp.  There, we would watch over the people stationed there as they performed as we directed.  This took a few week and we only came back mid last week.

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